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How do you learn from experiences?

I came across this wisdom this week, alongside another one that encapsulates John Dewey's thinking around learning: We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience. It made me think about my own learning beliefs and habits and how this is...

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But why .co?

Some people have asked me, what is this .co domain name, I didn't know you were based in Columbia? I thought I would share a little bit what lies behind not only the choice of the .co ending of the website but also the name. My biggest belief to get trained as a coach...

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Creative Confidence

By being more creative, you generate more ideas to choose from, hence you end up with better decisions. David Kelley For many years, because I was having great grades in...

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The origin of the verb – Decide

Having had the chance to learn multiple languages through my life so far, I am fascinated by the origin of words. In coaching we spend a lot of time helping clients clarify the meaning of the words they use. We all construct the meaning of words from our past...

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