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I decided to start coaching sessions with Simone as I had difficulties to find a balance between my private life and my professional career. This enabled me to clarify my ideas, to solidify my decision process & increase my self-confidence. Through the different sessions and with the help of Simone I managed to put words behind my professional choices and be much more rational about them. It helped me to take “risks” I felt comfortable with and to move forward.


It’s been a pleasure to have Simone as my coach and I have gone through a tremendous positive change in my job with her help. With her empathetic approach and focusing questions, she’s able to help me clarify issues at work, distil their essence and identify opportunities for me to take immediate action. I appreciate the challenge and support that I get from Simone during every session and would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for make a dent in their career and organization.


Thanks to Simone, I was able to take informed decisions for my business and achieve my objectives. She supported me during difficult times, and helped me see my surroundings and challenges under different angles which generated innovating ideas. I learnt about myself, I went out of my comfort zone and I progressed. Thank you Simone for your open-mindedness, your cheerfulness, your calm, your listening, and your ability to help me see with clarity.


I had reached a point of my career where I knew I had to change directions but had no concrete idea
of what I would like to do. Simone was a great help. We went through a coaching journey and I really
enjoyed it. It was well structured and, at the same time, it left enough space for flexibility.
Simone is an extraordinary coach. Intelligent and sensitive, she gives inputs or ask questions in order
to keep progressing on the journey. I had a lot of fun and I am thankful to her. Today I have the
visibility I was looking for about my meaningful professional future. The first steps have started and
I’m looking forward for what will come next. Thanks a lot Simone!


Within the first session I was experiencing breakthroughts shifting my perspectives and paradigms, and most importantly, learning to be kinder to myself. Simone is one of a kind – approachable, sincer, a champion for her clients, and she creates a trusting space to just be….


Simone has enabled me to make an enormous shift in my life. Her artful coaching has helped me to successfully pursue goals in relation to starting my own business and she has coached me to navigate a number of very tricky career and personal obstacles.

I love being around her positivity and I trust her professionalism. She has been perfectly in tune with my needs by prompting me to challenge my thinking, take risks, reflect on my behaviours and develop clearer insights.

Simone gives me the “work out” I need as an entrepreneur and I would recommend her to anyone who wants both a supportive presence and an astute challenger.



There are so many things that I am thankful for my coaching with Simone. She has helped me tremendously improve myself as a leader. She guided me to have better self awareness so that I can better manage myself. She has helped me to be more inspiring and confident as a leader by helping me dive through my thoughts, feelings and emotions, so that I can identify my own misbeliefs, behaviour, and root causes of issues I was faced with, as well as opportunities for me to get better.

After a series of sessions with Simone, I feel that I have accomplished a lot for myself and my team, and it was really worth the time I spent! I have never been more peaceful and satisfied. My colleagues are noticing improvements in me as well.

Thanks for all the help, Simone!



“What a journey!” Thanks to Simone I was able to dive deep into my inner self and come up with a clearer vision of my future. Based on this vision, I am creating now a path to a more satisfying life. Simone is a very knowledgable, thoughtful and truly caring coach – I can only recommend her warmly to any interested person!