Grow. Contribute. Feel Alive.



I support individuals and teams to develop their leadership: conscious, inspiring & impactful for enhanced meaning & satisfaction.

The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein

Hence let’s put our minds together to explore new mindsets, skills & tools to help you navigate to meaningful success and contribution while feeling fully alive personnally and professionnally.

I offer services in 3 core areas based on our skills and our passions.

Explore and envision a purposeful future that embraces your strengths and values

Develop & perform within your company with innovating and engaging leadership tools

Dare to take the steps to start or expand the project you have been dreaming of for too long

I decided to start coaching sessions with Simone as I had difficulties to find a balance between my private life and my professional career. This enabled me to clarify my ideas, to solidify my decision process & increase my self-confidence. Through the different sessions and with the help of Simone I managed to put words behind my professional choices and be much more rational about them. It helped me to take “risks” I felt comfortable with and to move forward.



It’s been a pleasure to have Simone as my coach and I have gone through a tremendous positive change in my job with her help. With her empathetic approach and focusing questions, she’s able to help me clarify issues at work, distil their essence and identify opportunities for me to take immediate action. I appreciate the challenge and support that I get from Simone during every session and would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for make a dent in their career and organization.



Thanks to Simone, I was able to take informed decisions for my business and achieve my objectives. She supported me during difficult times, and helped me see my surroundings and challenges under different angles which generated innovating ideas. I learnt about myself, I went out of my comfort zone and I progressed. Thank you Simone for your open-mindedness, your cheerfulness, your calm, your listening, and your ability to help me see with clarity.



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Having been in the situation myself to choose a sparring partner & coach, I know the importance of personality fit. Hence, I would love to meet you first to better understand where you are in your journey, what you are looking for, what kind of support you would like.

Ready for your free discovery call?  Schedule it today or leave me a message and I will bet back to you very soon. 

Even if we decide not to work together, see it as an opportunity to clarify your needs and come out with a few ideas of where to go next.

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