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Some people have asked me, what is this .co domain name, I didn’t know you were based in Columbia?

I thought I would share a little bit what lies behind not only the choice of the .co ending of the website but also the name.

My biggest belief to get trained as a coach is the amazing resourcefulness each of us naturally have but that we tend to forget we have.

Each experience (good or bad) can be an incredible growth enabler when properly integrated in our life path. Unfortunately experiences can also narrow us down, either by reinforcing a belief that:

  • because I succeeded in this, I should continue to do this as I am good at it, or
  • because I failed, I need to avoid doing it again because anyway I will fail.

So we start carrying around beliefs about what I am good at and what I am not good at and often by doing so we narrow down our thinking to overcome new challenges.

And that’s when the “coaching mindset” kicks in. For me coaching mindset is to apply what we learn as a coach: no judgement, active listening and powerful questions to help the client uncover new perspectives, find new ideas and get empowered to move into action. And this can be applied to any role as a trainer or facilitator, as a parent, as a friend, as a manager. It’s about truly believing that your clients don’t need your advice but good questions to help them gain clarity and to challenge the beliefs that are limiting them.

This is where the name CoDevelop comes from. It emphasises the importance of collaboration and how together is better. By partnering with us, you can develop yourself, your team, your company better, faster and bolder. Creativity gets de-multiplied when you have conversations: you have to be able to clearly express what you think or believe, you get inspired and can build on each other thoughts, listening back to what you just said can suddenly open new perspectives, etc.

So what is the link to .co, then? When searching to register our company, we fell in love with .co as it was more than just a few letter at the end of the website, it’s was adding meaning and focus by doubling the co! At .co, they want to create a community of dreamer, designer, enabler who believe that it’s by daring and doing that you can change the world. It’s also about connecting and communicating that you have something to share. We liked it and adopted it!

We hope we will, soon be able to co-develop something together!

Simone, coach and co-founder @CoDevelop