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By being more creative, you generate more ideas to choose from, hence you end up with better decisions.

David Kelley

For many years, because I was having great grades in maths, physics accounting I was definitely put into the box: analytical people. This continued to be true when I started to work and was praised for my analytical thinking. I enabled managers to take great decision by analysing the right data and presenting it in a way that was understood by them.

There was always a little “bitter after-taste” in my head, why wasn’t I born more creative: I was neither good in writing, nor painting, nor singing, nor … The only creative thing I had done so far was passing my non-professional piano exam. But even there I would always remember the first thing my piano teacher told me after the exam: I never thought you would do it!

It was not until recently when I started my transition to Coaching, on my own journey of “what do I really want”, that as explained brilliantly by David Kelley I started from little success to little success to reframe by thinking and regain my creative confidence. I realised that not only I could be creative but it was my creativity that had enabled me be to successful in my previous jobs: controller, process improvements, etc. All the time, I was using my creativity unconsciously to generate ideas on what to analyse, how to analyse, listen to the needs of decision makers or end-customers and re-design the way I presented the information in a way that would make it so pertinent to them.

With this regained creative confidence, my possibilities started to be endless and the satisfaction from my job increased dramatically by including a lot more creativity, this time in a conscious way, in my day-to-day job’s activities.

So stop thinking that creativity means art, creativity is how you train your brain to look beyond what is just in front of you. Embrace other perspective, use another colour lens, see the world through your neighbour’s eyes, let your ideas fly. It starts with your own belief about yourself!

Join David Kelley and myself in the quest to stop dividing the world into the creative and the other.

Want to read more from David Kelley, his book: Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All