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Having had the chance to learn multiple languages through my life so far, I am fascinated by the origin of words. In coaching we spend a lot of time helping clients clarify the meaning of the words they use. We all construct the meaning of words from our past experience, our beliefs, what we have been told. Hence “fascinating” for me doesn’t necessary have the same meaning for you. Thinking that it is, can too often lead to misunderstanding or frustration.

This also means that whenever in doubt, I like to research the origin of words. Not so long ago, I was discussing with a friend about the difficulty to decide and she told me that story.

Her teacher of philosophy at College asked them to take a piece of paper and a pair of scissor and cut a square in the paper. What have you left in your hand?

In any decision, there is something that you say yes to and something that you say no. Sometimes acknowledging and accepting what you leave behind can help you really get excited about what you say yes to.

What was the last important decision you had to take? How clear were you about what you have in your hand and what was cut out? I would love to hear your thoughts.